Top 5 best businesses to buy in GTA Online in September 2021


For some players, making money in GTA Online is a daunting task. Although they spend hours in the game, they barely make any money and buying anything makes them break the bank.

While veteran gamers have it all figured out, newcomers and newbies to the franchise still stumble in the dark in search of bucks. To be frank, making money in GTA Online isn’t hard, it’s just confusing.

Top 5 best businesses to own in GTA Online

5) Export and import of vehicles

GTA stands for “Grand Theft Auto,” which refers to the act of taking someone’s car without permission and possibly never returning it. Given the franchise’s history and origins, it’s no coincidence that exporting and importing cars is a lucrative business in GTA Online.

To be clear, starting this business won’t be cheap. Players will need to invest heavily, but the good news is that once the business is running smoothly, players can make a lot of money per hour.

4) Night clubs

Going back to the roots of the franchise, much like in GTA Vice City, owning clubs in GTA Online is a sure way to make a lot of money. However, it wouldn’t be a GTA game without players being able to do a little extra on the sidelines as well.

Staying true to the core of the game, the nightclub itself is more of a front in some ways. The real deal takes place in an underground warehouse which can be upgraded to fill different roles.

3) Air freight

Although GTA Online does not offer the same flying experience as a real flight simulator, it is one of the best ways to make money in the game. However, just like other companies, it does. there is a catch.

To start minting money this way, players will first need to invest over $ 1,000,000 (yes, that’s a lot of zeros). While this amount is pocket change for older players, it is a lot of money for newbies.

2) Special cargo deliveries

Making special merchandise deliveries is the easiest method of making money from active in-game income. Although it does take a little time to start the whole process, players can purchase a warehouse. for as little as $ 250,000.

Additionally, players can purchase more than one warehouse, which essentially allows them to switch between missions, without having to deal with the waiting time between missions.

1) Arcades

While arcades are a great way to generate passive income, business is more of a necessary prerequisite for players to start the casino break-in. Nonetheless, for those who like old school games, this company provides a pretty decent amount of money.

However, that being said, players should only buy it when they are ready for the heist or have some cash lying around. In addition, those who buy it before being prepared for the breakage should refrain from improving it.

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