NBA rumors: Charlotte Hornets wants to associate LaMelo Ball and Lauri Markkanen


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Lauri Markkanen was once considered a young rising star in this league. During the 2018-19 season, Lauri Markkanen averaged a solid 18.7 PPG and 9.0 RPG, while shooting 36.1% from beyond the arch. However, Markkanen was inconsistent during the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, and it has been said that the Chicago Bulls may be willing to let him go in sign and trade.

The Charlotte Hornets are a team that has previously been linked with an interest in Lauri Markkanen. They are building a strong young core and recently acquired phenomenal athlete Kelly Oubre Jr. via free agency. Markkanen’s shot could certainly help the team. Jordan Schultz recently reported that the Hornets like the idea of ​​a Lauri Markkanen – LaMelo Ball couple.

The Chicago Bulls have scaled back Lauri Markkanen’s role this season, asking her to play on the bench. However, he could potentially thrive if given the chance, and it looks like the Charlotte Hornets would be willing to provide it for him. Lauri Markkanen is only 24 years old, and it is possible that he could still improve and take a leap. Not all players develop at the same rate, and it seems premature to give up on a great man with his shooting ability.

Whether the Charlotte Hornets manage to acquire Lauri Markkanen remains to be seen, as other teams are vying for the Finnish striker. Notably, the New Orleans Pelicans have become a potential contender, and it’s easy to see how Markkanen’s marksmanship from a distance can help a slasher like Zion Williamson. While the Bulls may not need Markkanen with the new additions they’ve made in free agency, he remains a solid NBA player. Hopefully Markkanen is able to find a good opportunity for his career and develop well wherever he is.


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