ACTS once again beautifies the city of Salem


SALEM W.Va.- The Compassionate Actions to Transform Salem group known as ACTS has completed another project to improve the city of Salem.

Two buildings and a few downtown gates were painted as a beautification project. One of many over ACTS ‘two years of activity.

Many of the city’s gathering places have been cleaned up and improved by the ACTS group. They planted flowers, painted bridges and benches, and cleaned and restored the garden and seating areas.

For this most recent beautification project, the exterior of two buildings as well as some doors were repainted. The choice of paint was inspired by the history of specific buildings.

Ten students from the University of Salem helped paint the buildings with members of the Acts group, which has between 10 and 15 volunteers.

“When I commit to something, I give it 110%, and to see it done and the appreciation of the townspeople… I get so many messages and comments on our post thanking us, and it doesn’t is not me, this is our group. I don’t want people to think I’m attention-seeking, I’m not. I’m doing this for Salem, ”said Annette Gibson, director of ACTS.

ACTS has more projects going on right now, but they’ve hit walls in their efforts to improve the quality of their city of Salem.

A lack of cooperation from city officials or other organizations within the city of Salem has made it difficult for ACTS to complete or even start projects that they would like to see happen in their community.

The ACTS group started two years ago, and at first they fed the homeless. They also hosted a vacation dinner at their town’s low-income apartment complex.

Once attendance at their feeding events fell to zero, the group felt they needed to put their efforts elsewhere.

They have completed many projects in the city so far, but if they don’t get more cooperation from their community, they are likely to stop their projects.

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